Fear Factor Public Apology

Los Angeles, CA — Fear Factor would like to publicly apologize for choosing to include Russian roulette as a challenge on our show. It was poorly thought out and executed in bad taste. Actually we really thought it out. Like we workshopped the idea for a few seasons before pulling the trigger.

As creator, writer, director, host and occasional contestant on the show, I should have known better. Honestly, ratings have been low lately and we needed the shock factor. People just don’t care about cockroaches anymore and that’s kind of what we relied on from the start.

Russian roulette seemed like a god-send when we thought of it. So did the idea of broadcasting it live.

On behalf of the entire Fear Factor crew — which is just me and our cameraman Gareth — we would like to apologize to our dozens of viewers for what they witnessed. In recognition of our wrongdoing we have issued a free reading light to each of our viewers and to the two contestants who survived the challenge.

We are deeply sorry.

Join us next week for our bone chilling finale immediately following the memorial service for our fallen contestant!! Tune in at 3am PST on Monday to find out which of our finalists has a higher resistance to cyanide!

The Fear Factor Finale is brought to you by Wells Fargo and ExxonMobil.


Donovan Streeter, hmu

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